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First Issue: Let's Talk Kota !

Two Fang men from Gabon carrying
Kota-shrine reliquairies.

What do you know about these carvings?
I found a nice article http://www.ezakwantu.com/
Lately I bought a piece, a similar one I only could find
at the musue de Louvre. Another very nice intro i
found at http://www.randafricanart.com/Kota_study.html

Show us your piece!!

This is my piece. Copper-wire entwined trough the patine and wood.
Oxidation to red dark and piercing through cupperplates a fine green grain. The bones of an important ancestor were bound in a sack and it's contents connected to the lower opening of the statuette. Bark from trees was then bend into a box into which the whole than was placed .I gues about 135 years of age. The lower part is eaten away by offering substances (blood, oil, ashes). Often they mixed ancestor used objects material or organic material from the deceased inside
the statuette. This one is called to be a concave female example.
Hight appr 53 cm, broad app 32 cm, weight 3,8 KG.
 Kota men near a shrinehouse pict De Brazza 1887

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